Whitney Phoenix was raised as a gifted child in the picturesque Vermont countryside. Whitney studied piano from age 8. Captivated by the beauty and complexity of classical music, he spent many years practicing eight hours a day. Whitney took his formal study at Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio, after which he served in the Marine Corps for four years. As piano instructor at the Armed Forces School of Music, Whitney strayed from his classical roots, exploring the world of jazz, big band, R&B and pop music. Since that time, he has performed with a variety of bands, from the most intimate of settings to the concert stage.

Since 1993, Whitney has performed as a solo artist in Las Vegas. He has appeared extensively at Caesar's Palace, Imperial Palace, MGM Grand, and is currently featured at Bellagio. He also works with his wife, Marianne, a vocalist of extraordinary ability. Click here for some impressive testimonials written on Whitney's behalf.

"For the past twelve months, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has retained the services of Whitney Phoenix as pianist in our gourmet restaurant, Gatsby's Restaurant and Lounge. Mr. Phoenix's fine musicianship and impeccable appearance made him a favorite with the guests, management and staff alike. Mr. Phoenix is a 'class act' in every sense. "
- Janet Spelman, Director of Entertainment Administration, MGM Grand

"We would like to take this opportunity to express how much we enjoyed visiting your new hotel and casino on our recent visit to Las Vegas. The highlight of our visit was listening to Whitney Phoenix' piano playing at the Petrossian Lounge located near the front desk. We have listened to Mr. Phoenix at other hotels in Las Vegas and have always enjoyed his music. During this visit, we insisted that our friends accompany us to listen to Mr. Phoenix in his new setting at your hotel and they were extremely impressed with his talent not usually found at piano bars and lounges. He was very responsive to our requests for specific music and showed remarkable versatility in his repertoire, from classical to Broadway to pop music. As we had anticipated, Mr. Phoenix' congenial manner and, of course, his piano style and arrangements, were admired and appreciated by our guests. Mr. Phoenix is an excellent representative for your hotel in the high visibility area where he is playing and we and our friends plan to look for him on each of our trips to Las Vegas."
- Linda L. Lilledahl and Michael F. Yanke

"This letter is in regards to your pianist, Mr. Whitney Phoenix, who plays in the Petrossian Bar. Mr. Phoenix is without a doubt the most brilliant and outstanding piano-player I have encountered in my entire life. His piano-playing is absolutely phenomenal and I commend you on choosing him as one of your pianists. Whitney has a love for the keyboard I have never seen in any other musician. I have never heard him receive a request he could not play. He is also notorious for greeting the patrons before his performances and during his intermissions, and conversing with them. This makes the people at the bar feel special and a part of his performance. He can play a piece like its composer intended. Mr. Phoenix has brought me to tears several times. He is the only one that can do this. I go to Las Vegas four times a year, and I actually plan my vacations to coincide with when he plays. I booked my last vacation to Las Vegas in November and was mortified to find out that I would miss his scheduled performances. Whitney has the ability to stop the people passing by the Petrossian Bar in the throngs. He is the only pianist that has the ability to do this. I am not writing this to berate the other players, but to extend my highest praise of the man. He captures everyone's attention so vividly, that apart from his playing you can hear a pin drop. Again, my highest praise to the most astounding musician I have ever heard in my entire life."
- Dennis Meechan

"Now that I'm home and 'reality' has set in, I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your playing. Las Vegas has become a 'musical desert' in my opinion, and it is refreshing to hear real live music with all the wonderful qualities that only human beings can provide. You have a lyrical, warm line to your melodies, almost as if someone were singing. There is warmth and feeling in your music, very easy to listen to, as is evident by the response you are getting from your audience. I am envious!"
- Cy Race

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